Best Backcountry Practices

  1. If I choose to access the backcountry by mechanized means, I will do so in a respectful fashion, obeying all rules and regulations, and driving with care when around foot travelers such as snowshoers, snowboarders and skiers.
  2. I will respect designated areas, trail use signs, and established ski tracks. When traveling on foot or snowshoe, I will not damage existing ski trails that backcountry skiers have created and are using.
  3. When stopping, I will not block the trail.
  4. I will not disturb wildlife and will avoid areas posted for their protection or feeding.
  5. I will not litter, and I will pack out everything I packed in, including pet results.
  6. I will adjust my backcountry skiing or riding pace and level of risk to that which my whole party is comfortable with.
  7. I will not encourage or push others to take risks they are not comfortable with.
  8. I realize that my destination and travel speed are determined by my equipment, ability, terrain, weather, and traffic on the trail, and will plan accordingly.
  9. In case of an emergency, I will volunteer assistance. I will always carry basic emergency equipment such as a light source, shovel, and first aid supplies.
  10. I will not interfere with or harass other recreationists involved in legal/normal activities. I recognize that people judge all other winter recreationists by my actions.
  11. I will promote a friendly and positive attitude while in the backcountry. I will smile and greet others on the trail, offer information about conditions, and offer assistance if necessary.


Code of Backcountry Ethics:
  1. be prepared for your outing
  2. take care of your partners, pets, and fellow users
  3. respect environment, wildlife, people
  4. carpool and park tightly
  5. cooperate with regulations and enforcement agencies
  6. spread the good word


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